Baba Bhagwan Dass Educational Society Mothuka



Dear All,


This project has a long story behind but let me make it short. We are born as NGO in 2004-05 in Mothuka Village. To work in village has to do with 65% of our population which still lives in villages. The motto of project is to give right education and right to right education to village child. In the past few years with developing India we have observed many changes in our society. The biggest change is when land is no more belonging to a farmer and without proper education how life becomes hell in most of cases.


Since last 20 years Government acquires agricultural land to develop infrastructure and new factories and other establishments are coming up. Farmers who were in majority once are now in minority due to these changes. After acquisition of land farmer is no more landlord but he gets a lot of money. Which mostly goes either in Alcohol consumption, or building a new house buying new car, daughter marriage and one day they are modern poor with all comforts but no work no education. Todays children are tomorrows generation, but tomorrow they are not having land nor money. Education is best arm to be given or donated to tomorrows future. To save dignity of village people and empowering them through education is our main motto and this is main reason to work in a small village. We are aware of being a small drop in ocean. But this is what we want to bring AWARENESS.


The project started in 2003 by buying land in village Mothuka. in 2004 we got registered as NGO with Government of Rajasthan. The building construction work finished with first 6 Classrooms in 2004 and in July the inauguration was done. In the first session we had 25 children. and 02 teachers. Today the school has 28 Classrooms and more then 300 students from different castes and religions studying in harmony for better future. The Education program had its peak when two years back we were recognized by Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi and got affiliation. Which is landmark for our project. as with this affiliation the students have now recognition of their degree at International level.


One of the silent feature of project is also to give work with dignity to teaching staff most of them are in search of government job, but in search of that job they are exploited and underpaid with this project they earn with dignity with contribution made by students parents.

Almost 25 students get free education and material from school with this project.