Baba Bhagwan Dass Educational Society Mothuka




To Work for the welfare and advantage of the weaker sections in the society, like , women, children, disabled, elderly and poor through development and empowerment.
To improve the living conditions of the women, through promoting income generation activities and projects, including training, increasing the general awareness, more jobs etc., especially for indigent widows and orphans, so that such women may view themselves as equal part in society.

To improve health status of women through sustainable health facilities and better health care, sanitation and environment, through self-help community action and involvement in the local civic system.

To uplift the Socio economic conditions of low income families through establishment of permanent Centers for training, assisting women and girls in income generating activities, through vocational training.

To improve educational status and increase education among young girls, so that the women may be viewed as excelling part of society.

To provide legal aid to women, through legal awareness, education, counseling and providing legal assistance and advice to women involved in family disputes, women in prisons, children in prisons, bonded labor and victims of human rights violation and denial.

To work to eliminate physical, sexual and psychological violence against women and its causes and to remedy its consequences.

Still some more things are to be realized:


Maternity Home: due to lack of medical services in the area no good hospitals are there. Child mortality is higher mostly due to lack of awareness.


Women Empowerment: project for women empowerment without creating social imbalance, and through social cooperative. producing local goods and traditional typical products.

Child Marriage: Often in this area where we are situated there is early age child marriage mostly now a days in Gujjar tribe. In educational program we have children from age 4 years onwards already married. And we are in 21st century.


Environment: Illegal mining is going on under the nose in Aravali Hills. Cutting of Green Trees from village pasture lands with and without permission for alcohol consumption by often villages responsible persons. Not only for house construction stones are taken from Hills but also granite mining is going on in some areas. Which is dangerous for environment. Also greenery is at risk and once again desert is increasing and its a serious concern.


Non conventional energy:

Bio Gas Project: as first initiative the NGO has started its Bio Gas Project of its own to encourage and make aware local population of its benefits and energy saving features. Often women waste a lot of time and energy in preparation of traditional cow dung burning material. By this ne approach they don't have to work hard to prepare burning material but they can use same Gas produced by Bio Gas which is safe and natural and save time. Not only during monsoon season the reserve of cow dung prepared burning material is a safe hide for snakes and other dangerous reptiles often resulting in death as basic amenities and health care awareness are lacking in village. Although the concept is not new but Government officers never implemented or encouraged these policies and they remained closed. Even today when you try to meet Block Development Officer its rare that he can provide any information on these programs or help local population in getting funds from government or make your application go ahead for subsidy. Which results in failure of projects costing millions.


Health and Hygiene

Dental Care: NGO continues to hold dental care camps in its compound since 2005 onwards the first camps were held with help of Smile Mission from Verona Italy and two of three dental chairs are donated by Lions Club of Verona. Now once again in July with Indian Dentist Dr Rajani Kant Sharma we will be holding a dental clinic.


Medical camps: often children are made aware of good health and importance of Hygiene in growth. Specialists are called from all over whenever possible and a health certificate is issued every year to the students.


Ayurvedic Treatment: NGO offers free treatment for most of problems free of cost to its volunteers and students. Specialized in ICTUS and Paralysis the traditional care is provided always free of cost to all in need. Special classes with some basic education of Herbs is also given to people time to time.


Yoga : Free of cost Yoga Classes are given to all students and also to Volunteers during their stay to improve better health through Yoga tradition.


Meditation: a newly built meditation hall is there for meditation classes often Meditation Master is there to teach and preach in case someone needs to participate. Its Open to all faiths and religions of world.


Cooking classes: Traditional cooking can be learnt in the premises or by visiting students house from village.


Intercultural Exchange: NGO provides all required platform for intercultural exchange among local society and all other societies of world.


Hindi and Sanskrit : Indian languages can be learnt free of cost by expert teachers who are teaching since many years. Special Sanskrit classes are also there in case someone wants to learn.


Computer Lab: The NGO offers Computer classes for village students and school students throughout year.

Library : a newly furnished with almost 2000 Books library is there for students providing books from almost all fields required and still the collection is going on.


Science Laboratory: a well equipped Science laboratory is there for school, students with National standards.

Beneficiaries: Child Youth, Women, Elderly persons, handicapped and poor persons from all castes and classes of society. Specially people from Below Poverity Line. The village population and nearby population.